How to find a video production company

Is the video company you are about to hire capable of producing an effective video for your organization? Well, you may have to ask some of the right questions to reveal the answers you need to make a decision. Do so with consideration and courage, after all, you’ll be working quite closely with them for a few weeks or months.

Here are a set of guidelines that will help formulate questions to ask when interviewing the video production team:

  1. “Begin with the end in mind”, this is the second habit of Stephen Covey’s bestselling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The reason I choose this quote is because you want to make certain that the potential video company has a clear understanding of your needs and objectives. Ask them directly if they have a clear understanding of your goals. This critical first step is generally established during the initial meeting or the follow up communication. Otherwise, the video project may drift into a direction that doesn’t meet your objectives and ends up being rather costly.
  2. Does the video company have sufficient talent to meet your video needs? You may need voice-over narrations or  script development.
  3. Sometimes things go wrong during the course of a video production. It happens, that’s life. If a video producer’s feathers get easily ruffled it could create a tense business relationship. Find out how the video company has handled problems in the past during a video production. Are they resourceful enough to get your needs met in a manner that’s professional and courteous?
  4. Ask for an individual quote that’s not a template which has been used for every client they ever worked with. Certain contractual elements will be similar to other clients, but look for elements in the quote that relate directly to your objectives.
  5. Meet representatives from the video company in person. Ask for a meeting because it will provide you with an excellent opportunity to see if your working styles and personalities match.
  6. Review their work. Some of the video company’s client work may be available on their website, video hosting sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), or their clients’ web sites.  These videos will give you an indication of their creative approach and professional quality. Ask to see samples of their work covering a variety of film-making styles.
  7. How long will it take to complete the video project? Ahh, the $64,000 question. Admittedly, sometimes unpredictable delays can occur, however, ask the video company for a final project delivery date. Throughout the project, check with the producer if timing requirements are still on target.
  8. How and where will the video be seen? This question will probably have been covered as part of the objective. The objective should include how and where you would like the video to be seen. If videos will be view on the web, determine to what degree the video company will assist placing the video on hosting site such YouTube. Unless you are familiar with the technical aspects of setting up an account and uploading a video to a hosting site, you may need assistance with that aspect of the video project as well.

Were these guidelines helpful to you?

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