Marketing videos designed for a screen in every pocket

The competition is fierce. The demands on your marketing efforts seem overwhelming at times. And if you are serious about your online marketing campaigns then video marketing is a must – but you already knew that. Short viral videos have become the preferred format. In the age of social media “Video Marketing Shorts” have replaced the 90-120 second web video. Business fortunes are built on short and concise marketing videos. If you want to tell the world your story then there’s really no better way than video shorts. 15-30 seconds spots lead the trend.

Traditional TV media companies are not the leaders in this evolving trend. Businesses have either taken the entire video production process in house or partner with local video companies to create marketing shorts and explainer videos. There is an increasing online battle for a customers time and attention. The size of your budget is far less important than the depth and extend of your creativity. Can you tell your story in such short clips? Yes – with focus targeting on very specific needs. You may need to start your campaign with a set of 5-10 videos but do keep them short. Offer one solution per video and don’t try to stuff too many features into a single video. It is far more effective to have multiple shorter videos.

There is also plenty of data available which demonstrates that particularly younger viewers have turned away from prime time TV. They are looking at short and sharable videos on social media – every day.

Big media companies may have all the money to produce elaborate videos, and I am sure they still have their place. But the point is that it is not necessary. Most small business marketing shorts can be create on a small business marketing budget.

It’s not too late

We are still in a fairly early stage of web videos. The next two to three years will see an even faster transition from photos, text, and print to short explainer videos.

A screen in every pocket makes for a compelling case to invest in a video marketing campaign. Videos still need a well crafted script and a high production value. But winning awards or elaborate film sets are no longer of importance. Over-the-top productions do not guarantee that the right target audience is seeing the videos. You need views! And views are generated with informative, sharable, and concise video entertainment.