eTown Videos provides professional video production services for the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce

From the April 2013 Easthampton Chamber e-newsletter:

Member Spotlight: eTown Videos

If you have read this monthly newsletter, you have seen the videos the Chamber uses for its monthly Member Spotlights. The creative force behind these is eTown Videos, an independent web video production and editing business located in Belchertown (and in the process of relocating to Southampton, Massachusetts).

eTown Videos provides professional video production services, including set design, script and storyboard development, professional voice-over narration, and training videos. They work with the customer at every step of the project (planning, filming, editing), making sure that the final results are in line with the customer’s vision and expectations.

View this “How It Works” video to see the steps you can take to have eTown Videos produce a free video for your business, as a benefit of membership in the Chamber.

Sven Kielhorn founded eTown Videos in 2006. As Creative and Marketing Director at eTown Videos, Sven works with businesses in developing strategies to incorporate web video technologies into their online marketing campaigns. He also works on all phases of video production and web video distribution. Sven is the author and editor of the eTown Videos Blog, and he was also a video production and editing instructor at a regional training center for digital media in Western Massachusetts.

Sven’s wife Denise Kielhorn brings over 15 years of business management experience to eTown Videos. As Production Manager, Denise works with the production team in set design and setup, script development and business administration. Denise is also the assistant editor for the eTown Videos Blog and conducts all on-camera interviews. 

ETown Videos has also formed a creative network of partners and subcontractors composed of graphic design artists, 3D motion graphics animators, web developers, scriptwriters, voice-over narrators and filmmakers.

 Go to eTown Videos’ website at or their  Facebook page to learn more about how your business can expand its online marketing. You can contact Sven at 413-324-1130

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