Earlier in the year, I had posted 8 Questions You Should Ask When Selecting a Video Production Company, this is the video blog (or vblog) which accompanies the video. As a video production company, we are of course fully aware of the fact that many visitors prefer video over text based websites which why we’ve begun adding video blogs to the eTown Videos Blog website.

Below, I outline the points which I convey in the video, however, to receive the complete message please view the video blog. This is the first video blog or vblog (I’ll be using those terms interchangeably). Please visit the eTown Videos Blog for future video blogs.

Video blog outline:

  1. “Begin with the end in mind”
  2. Does the video company have sufficient talent to meet your video needs?
  3. Sometimes things go wrong during the course of a video production
  4. Ask for an individual quote
  5. Meet representatives from the video company in person
  6. Review their work
  7. How long will it take to complete the video project?
  8. How and where will the video be seen?

I hope you found this vblog helpful.