Web video is a game changer!

Video Transcript:
YouTube users currently upload about 72 hours of videos – every minute.
Cisco, the company that makes much of the equipment that runs the Internet, estimates that within the next few years approximately 80% of the world’s data on the Internet will be in the form of online video. Those are mind boggling numbers. Why is web video so immensely popular? Because it’s a form of face to face communications. Face to face communication is the most effective form of communicating when sharing ideas, concepts, and knowledge.
Our brains are literally wired to decode face to face communications almost instantly, it’s been perfected over eons of time. Its how the human community grew and advanced and bonded.
Now – Here’s the challenge that many businesses still face today with respect to online marketing. Many still choose to communicate with their customers and prospects through text and pictures. Sharing ideas or information thought text based websites is significantly more time consuming than face to face communications.
Reading and writing is actually a fairly recent invention by humans. It is has helped to spread ideas much faster and wider than ever before, particularly with the invention of the Gutenberg printing press. But when it comes to communicating via the written word in the context of online marketing it is quite inadequate.
Web video is a game changer.
Web video allows virtual face to face communications between you and everyone with an Internet connected devise. For example, what would take the average web surfer 30 minutes to read about – we can communication with a high quality web video in 90 seconds. That is the power of video. Video goes beyond the spoken word . A lot is being transmitted subconsciously to the viewer through tonality, body language, facial expressions, eye contact, a smile. The ability to influence, persuade, teach and inspire dramatically increases with web video. Businesses and organizations have a huge competitive advantage when utilizing web video technologies. Sharing your product information and ideas with online video leads to much quicker responses and feedback from your customers and prospects. It is far more effective than any other online marketing tool.
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