3 steps to launch your new product or service with a video marketing campaign

The pressure is high to generate new business right away for a new product. As a sales and marketing manager, you ask yourself ‘What is the quickest method to generate leads for my sales team?’

marketing video campaign made easy

Generating sales leads fast by following these 3 simple steps for a marketing video campaign.

A marketing video on the most effective and quickest path

Step 1: Consider a PPC campaign (Pay Per Click)

SEO and social media are great but initially they can take a long time to yield returns, particularly, when you have no time to spare. PPC will get you traffic right away while you build out your SEO strategy for the new product.

Hire a reputable PPC marketing agency. During the past 10 years we’ve worked with over 100 clients, and while we focus on developing video productions we can recommend several excellent marketing agencies for a PPC campaign. Often these agencies can create a PPC campaign faster, more efficiently, and cheaper than you may be able to do in house.

Step 2: Develop a landing page on your website for your marketing video

When someone clicks on your adword then you want to send them to a page on your website that includes a marketing video. We get to the video production in a moment.

Your web developer will be able to suggest the best practices to build a landing page and a web form for your new product or service. If you express your need for a fast turnaround, they could accommodate your request within days.

Step 3: Create a product marketing video

A marketing video will make the most impressive and instant impact on your web visitor. The video can explain a new product in 90 seconds that would take the average web visitor 20 minutes to read about.

A script for a 90 second marketing video will be around 120 – 180 words. Your marketing team will have the most important product points readily available. Your video production team could deliver a script and storyboard within a couple of days. In a pinch that’s very doable! It needs to be a creative and exciting script to introduce your new product. A well written script will drive the video production. As I said before, a well thought out script must come before the video production.

The actual video shoot could be filmed in half a day at your company’s location. The video production company will take the footage and edit it at their studio. If an animation video is required, then no live action shoot is necessary. For either video production option, the completed video will be ready for final approval within 3-4 days once the editing process has begun.

This marketing video approach will greatly improve your chances of generating sales leads and new business quickly

Do keep in mind that many B2B customers won’t necessarily buy or fill out a form on their first visit to your landing page (many will). Often they’ll visit a competitor’s site and revisit your site several times. The long term video marketing strategy ought to include additional videos to highlight customer testimonials, explain a particular technology or concept, or showcase what will happen once a customer buys from you by introducing a qualified and skilled support team.

The above outlined video marketing campaign is ambitious and requires a speedy delivery as well as close collaboration among all vendors. You will need to budget accordingly to allow for a fast turnaround.

You could be up and running in 2 weeks with your new product marketing campaign.