Why add animation and special effects to a corporate video production?

Most businesses and organizations would benefit from some basic animation, for example, an animated logo will help lift the professional feel and look of your corporate video and company website. Animation can demonstrate, explain, and simplify things which live action can not always do.

Video animation can benefit a video greatly by explaining complex instructions which one otherwise would not be able to demonstrate. In some cases, video animations can be more cost effective than filming live action. For example, for an instruction video, an overhead shot of a loading truck may be needed to demonstrate the proper technique to backup a truck. In this scenario, a crane or even a helicopter might be needed to get that shot which would increase the production cost of the video significantly.

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Animation and special effects can add a playfulness and color to a promotional video which can be difficult to do or cost prohibitive in live action. The goal of adding animation is NOT to appear gimmicky but rather to add a professional touch which would not be possible otherwise. Computer video animation can both entertain and educate your web visitors by showing a particular process in 2D or 3D computer graphics. For example, when marketing medical devices, computer animation can be of particular benefit when teaching its audience how to use the devise in treating certain illnesses. A device which can detect fatty deposits inside the arteries of a person could be adequately explained with the help of computer animation and special effects.

Many instructional videos can be enhanced with video computer animation by bringing attention to processes which can be difficult to convey otherwise. A business may wish to have a video created which provides the visitor with a guided tour of the company’s website. Software companies make use of computer animation and special effects for use in promotional and marketing web videos of their products.

Some businesses have turned to computer animations to a create comedic effects in their online marketing campaign in an effort to both entertain and educate about an otherwise dry subject matter. Injecting humor with computer animation into a business video presentation can be risky, therefore, a solid understanding of the target audience is critical. If done well, the result can be an entertaining and attention grabbing video which helps enhance your product, service, and brand.

One final point, when animation and special effects are added to most promotional and corporate videos it is important that the outcome is in line with corporate values, mission and brand identification.

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