Answers To The Four Most Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Videos

Four important elements for corporate video productions

The decision to have a corporate video produced is not one you make lightly

Four Most Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Videos

Corporate video productions can be overwhelming whether your video is for a marketing campaign or employee training. With this post I hope to alleviate some of pressures that may accompany planning for a corporate video project.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

1. What should be in my video?

Stay focused and specific with your video project objective.

Before you begin working on any marketing, training, or multimedia project decide what you are trying to say about your product or service. Outline the basic benefit, proposition or promise of your video production. Staying focused and concise is key to engaging an audience.

When creating a marketing video for example, the most effective and powerful videos promote a single benefit, or in some instances two benefits. Decide on the most important thing about your product that truly sets you apart in the market place. You may be saying: “Yes, but our product is durable, fast, and affordable”. This may be true – but a single-minded message comes across as more persuasive and powerful. Keep in mind, you only have 30, 60, or maybe 90 seconds with most marketing videos. If you communicate too many facts then the message is diluted and the viewer may get confused or distracted and look elsewhere.

2. How much money should I spend on my video?

Decide on a budget.

Before you start interviewing potential video production companies, set up a budget for your project. Having a number in mind will make the negotiation process with the video production company much easier and it’ll assure you get the best value for your money. In other words, if you simply look for the least expensive option, you may be short-changing your product or company. You get what you pay for. There are many production scenarios available, and mixing and matching effects or creative ideas may be helpful in producing the best video for your budget by utilizing the right combination of services for your video. Maybe you need an animated logo, but not a scriptwriter – these facts can affect the cost of your video production.

3. How do I know I will get value for the dollars spent?

Shop for the best value within an established budget range. Find out what several video production companies offer within your price range. Does the company offer cloud-based client collaboration? Do they have experience with animation? Is the company staffed with professionals who can help with concept development? Do they offer business video hosting? Do they charge extra for any of these services?

The best video production company for you is the one that has a comprehensive portfolio in which you find video samples that validate their claims.  Clearly, check out their work first.

4. What company should I choose?

Choose a video production company that adds value.

Added value is somewhat subjective but there are definitely some points that will help you detect some important elements. For example, if the video company offers specific creative production concepts and ideas on the first day of your encounter that’s certainly a positive sign. In other words, you should have a dialog and perhaps some initial brainstorming for concept development. A simple “Tell me the run time of your video and we give you a price” is not enough. An impressive and creative video project needs added value from day one!

The decision to have a corporate video produced is not one you make lightly.  If you are about to take on a video project and you need advice and pricing guidance just give us a call or send us a note online.

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