Suggestions for mapping out YouTube marketing, video marketing strategies for businesses in Massachusetts

Changes for Businesses, video Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and Videographers in Massachusetts

Suggestions for mapping out YouTube marketing, video marketing strategies for businesses in Massachusetts

As a video content producer and creator, the last few weeks of the year are typically an appropriate time to take a look at  what lessons we  can learn from video production, video marketing and YouTube marketing during the past year. Well, here’s my take on what we could expect in 2013 and how these changes will affect and benefit western Massachusetts businesses.

If you’d like to increase your online presence by including video content in your online marketing campaign, you must build and regularly maintain a channel on YouTube. The folks that are hoping for one hit viral video success might find themselves feeling rather frustrated when despite their best efforts the video does not go “viral”. We’ve found that creating content that is both of high production value and informative, by  identifying your buyer persona and your target audience, will yield the best return on your investment. A methodical and focused approach with your video marketing campaign will be well worth your efforts. Growing your YouTube views and audience organically, with your specific audience in mind, can have a significant  impact on your visitor-to-buyer conversion rate. Frequent creation of video content  was important in 2012 and we can expect and even greater focus on frequent video creating and content updates via YouTube in 2013.

We have worked with many small and large business customers and have observed the evidence of increased online exposure and sales when the the relationship between SEO, target audience and quality video content is understood. Additionally, it is critical to  optimize your videos for YouTube with respect to playback performance and the ability for web viewers to find your products and services based on the keywords you’ve chosen.

YouTube marketing, in other words, building a YouTube channel has become sort of a no-brainer because YouTube is now the number two search engine, after Google, in the world. By no means am I suggesting that YouTube is the only venue but it certainly is a relevant one. Posting your videos on your business website, chamber & association websites, email links, and e-newsletters are additional methods to reach your web audience.

Engage your YouTube audience! At a minimum you may want to add a compelling call to action at the end of each video. You spent time and money to reach your audience, therefore, remember to ask them to take the next step by contacting you for more information, or instruct them on how to purchase your product, or how to get additional information. Help your potential new client reach out to you.

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