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How to decide on a video production company and videographer for Massachusetts based recital dance performance

Dance recitals are one of our most enjoyable video productions and we look forward to each one when we work with Massachusetts’ dance studios and dance schools. A tremendous amount of work, planning, and practice goes into the creation of a dance recital; the excitement and energy on the evening of the performance is palatable. At the same time, we understand how critical it is to have a memorable video recording of the night’s performance. Finding and choosing a videographer that suits your specific needs is important.

We know and understand that students, teachers, and audiences enjoy reliving the performance, not only in the weeks and months after the recital dance but in years to come. A DVD or digital video recording is also important in terms of review and future growth of the studio and students. It may serve as a showcase in a portfolio for a  career in dance and stage performance. Some teachers and instructors may use the DVD as a training tool. Whatever your specific needs, it is important to address your goals and desires with the videographer well in advance.

Therefore, when choosing a video production company for your dance recital take a moment to review their portfolio and demo reels.  You also need to be certain that the videographer has the skill to capture and create a memorable dance recital video recording. You may want to ask how long the videographer has been in business? Does he/she have the temperament to work in a live performance setting? How long will it take for the final video to be delivered?  eTown Videos provide dance recital videography services in Massachusetts, for pricing and availability please contact us.

The shoot: There are several techniques when recording a live performance from a single (back-of-the-room) camera angle to a multi-camera shoot. Multi-camera shoots typically add cost because additional camera personnel are required, but it also adds engaging and interesting close-ups and angles. However, single camera video shoots can be just as beautifully captured with just the right amount of planning to allow for zooming in on particular dances and dancers.

DVD and HD: The final video can be delivered via DVD which continues to be a very popular format. DVDs also offer the option of having custom menus and chapter points so that you can quickly click and jump to your favorite performances. DVDs deliver video in standard definition (SD). In some cases, the performances can also be delivered via the web in high definition (HD) with a crisp and sharper look.

eTown Videos provide dance recital videography services in Massachusetts, for pricing and availability please contact us.

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