We would like to congratulate Lisa Bruno, the winner of our “funniest winter story” contest.

Congratulations to eTown Videos' Facebook contest winner, Lisa BrunoThank you to all who participated, it was fun reading your stories on eTown Videos’ Facebook page .
Here is a photo of our lovely winner, a photo of the actual event,  and her story. Here’s her story:
“I have a story! 2 years ago we had a state of emergency ice storm. No power for days. I called work to let them know I couldn’t drive out of my driveway never mind get down the street with all the trees down. They said no they would come and get me at the country store. So Troy proceeded to walk in front of my car with his chainsaw trying to get me out of the driveway and when we got to the road realized that it was bad. So we hopped on the quad, in the ice storm, trees down, I’m all dressed up for work, 5 miles down the road, people waving and laughing (small town) my coat flying in the wind. Troy with his chainsaw strapped to the quad. 2 hours later we made it through to the country store where my boss looked at my muddy clothes and mascara ridden face and said “Wow it is bad up here” and proceeded to bring me to work…. I still get a laugh out of my neighbors waving and laughing in disbelief. We still talk about it…. The End”

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