Working With Your IT Staff or Web Developer

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Working with your IT staff or web developer to add video to your company website

As a Massachusetts video marketing company we encounter skeptics from time to time with respect to implementing video on their website. They may be reluctant to add video to their website for technical reasons such as “streaming” issues. Perhaps they feel that a large photo slideshow offers much more marketing value.

Sometimes internal IT staff or web developers may not have the necessary know-how to successfully add web videos to their company website. Perhaps they are simply anxious and feel that a bold web video marketing campaign is too risky. After all, the existing photos on their website provide a predictable return even if they wish it were better.

There is plenty of research on the web to demonstrate the enormous marketing value that web videos can add – this you already know. Why not test your website now? Ask your web developer to add the Google Analytics code into your current webpage and test the page as it is. What is your bounce rate? Not as good as you expected? You need an effective video.

Evaluating The Web Video Viewing Experience

Your prospect clicked your link in a search and landed on your homepage. The web visitor decides to click the play button to view your video. You now have to opportunity to tell your story. The video needs to engage the viewer quickly; otherwise they stop viewing and possibly leave your page. The storyline needs to capture the attention of the viewer quickly. This means the script writer and storyboard developer of your video production company have to understand your business. In many cases the video production company also needs to be familiar with the local sensibilities. A compelling script or storyboard is the driving engine of an effective marketing video.

When you interview a video production company for your video project you want to make sure the company can deliver the ability to develop a good storyline. What if you asked them to provide a 15-30 second sample script or opening sequence as part of their quotation? Video production houses must be professional and modern, that’s a given. But they must also be great digital storytellers!

How Should I tell My Story?


Digital storytelling with video marketing

Your story must be told impressively, persuasively, and creatively. But first, you must understand your web customers. This will require some research into your customer’s web behavior. On average, it is fair to say that about 60% of your web visitors are interested in your product or service. 20% are very interested in your products or services but are not yet ready to take any action. The remaining 20% are ready to buy or take some sort of action right now. The percentages are averages – your specific business will vary somewhat but these numbers are a very good starting point.

Who do you target? I suggest that you target the 20% who are ready take some sort of action right now. The goal, after all, is to develop a video marketing campaign that makes your business more profitable. Provide your web visitor with an opportunity to get more information or buy your product right now. Targeting the 60% for example requires a very different storyline. Combining the two audiences into a single message can lead to confusion for the web visitors because it dilutes your message.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind for your targeted web visitors:

  • Solve their problem by presenting a solution
  • Focus on your dominant benefit, keep it simple
  • Speed and delivery
  • Call to action

Focus your efforts and attention squarely at the visitors who ready to make a decision to take action. A storyline that is too general, covers too much information, or tries to please everyone is ineffective.

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