Developing A Profitable Marketing Web Video, Part 3 of 3

rune time and video production costBalancing Run Time and Cost

The old adage “less is more” applies to most marketing videos. Trim the fat of the script to avoid unnecessary clutter. When producing a profitable marketing web video for businesses and organizations in Western Massachusetts and many parts of New England, we have found that the longer the video runs the less likely viewers will finish the video.

If you are having a script developed then be sure that the script is no more than approximately 120 words per minute of completed video. If the script is too long you need to trim it.

There are many marketing videos that are 3-4 minutes in length that are good and get views. However, a persuasive and effective marketing video benefits from a total run time of 90-120 seconds. Web visitors prefer brevity and creative style.

Shorter marketing videos deliver more leads and sales. Over the years, we have observed that viewers do not watch most marketing videos beyond two minutes.

Longer videos cost more money to produce, and some video production companies may feel that a longer video is needed to deliver a strong message about all the benefits your product or service offers. Save your money and choose a video production company that offers a more effective path to profitable marketing videos.

Examples of longer running videos are animated explainer videos, product tutorials, and training videos, which are very different from marketing videos. We also produce training and product videos, however, the scope and the target audience tends to be different from a video marketing campaign.

If you need guidance in producing an impressive, creative, and persuasive marketing video message, simply get in touch with us. We’d love to chat about your project and provide you with some helpful pointers.

Video Marketing Guide Summary

I am hopeful that this guide is helpful and that you can incorporate some or all of the techniques in  your video marketing strategy. We have been creating and producing promotional videos since 2006 and know what works.


  1. An engaging and creative marketing video motivates viewers to take action
  2. Think like a web visitor who arrives at your page through a web search
  3. Make changes to your website to accommodate video, the profitability of your marketing campaign depends on it
  4. Keep it simple and creative
  5. Less is more: keeping the runtime short and you will reduce production costs

May your next marketing video be a profitable one.

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