Explainer videos require context to make them accessible and understandable.

No matter what your endeavor in life, mastering the art of explaining things is well worth the effort. Explainer videos are a fundamental and important video communication tool. We live in a world with vast amounts of data and information in which facts are difficult to decipher without any context. To make your data and facts more accessible and understandable to your audience, empathic explanations are needed.

The best explainer videos don’t always come from arduous research but rather from a shift in perspective. A conscious and creative effort must see a group of facts from a fresh and new context. And this new context always involves seeing the world from your audience’s point of view.

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Explainer videos are idea bundles with a unique communications approach

Explainer videos have the advantage of seeing “idea bundles” in a new perspective, and the audience uses at least two modalities. Combining creative visuals and a compelling script significantly decreases the audience’s amount of time to interpret your ideas. It may take someone 20 minutes to read about an idea or concept, and comprehend it – but it is possible to convey the same information in about two minutes with a well-articulated video explanation, which uses both visuals and audio. Understanding comes more easily. I am certain you have experienced an increased learning ability with well-designed video tutorials. It is really quite remarkable how much faster understanding is achieved with explainer videos.

Great explainer video creations require empathy

Trust with effective whiteboard explainer videos

Explainer videos increase trust, understanding and customer loyalty.

Your video production company must be open to putting themselves in the shoes of the potential audience. Cookie cutter productions are not very effective because they do not communicate the subject in a way your intended audience likes to consume information.

New information is not necessarily needed to make your audience care, but we often only need to repackage data that is already in front of them. Again, this requires empathy on the part of the video producer. The pre-production planning can be quite time-consuming, but it is worth every penny you spend because the long term cost of understanding and learning will be much lower. Often in B2B video communications we invite non-specialists to be open to new information. Empathic video explainers make ideas easier to learn. Be creative when evaluating existing data and crafting a unique client perspective. It’s hard work upfront but the reward will be raving fans in the long run.

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Understanding a service or product more completely will also lead to better decision-making. Effective explainer videos lay a foundation for all stakeholders to participate in discussions and contributions. Hence the decision making process combines a powerful combination of trust and understanding through video animation.

Hence the customer decision making process with empathic explainer videos

Hence the customer decision making process with empathic explainer videos

Converting a dry group of facts into an empathetic explainer video is indeed an art form. The long-term benefit of empathic explainer videos will lead to greater customer participation and loyalty.

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Whiteboard Explainer Video Example

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