Should I Hire A Freelance Videographer Or A Video Production Company?

The difference between a videographer and a video production company

Lucy’s company is located in Springfield, Massachusetts and her employer needs a web video to explain their products. She’s wondering if she should hire a local videographer or a video production company?

The video production company she’s considering has a great website, an impressive portfolio, and a lot of experience. The videographer says she can create the video very cheaply.

Lucy has a budget to consider. But more importantly, it’s her and her company’s reputation that’s on the line. What to do?

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Videography and video production are like apples and oranges

So, what’s the difference between a videogapher and a video production company?

A videographer films live events like weddings, dance recitals, corporate events, concerts, and basic training videos. It’s pretty straightforward. And what’s a video production? A video production is created from scratch. Lucy’s Springfield, MA based company wants a web video to explain their products. Most marketing and explainer videos need a script. A great script is what keeps the viewers attention. If your video does not get watched then you hired the wrong person. Video production companies have great script writers. Freelance videographers don’t do scripts or storyboards.

An impressive web video often needs animation, interviews, or even a professional presenter. A video production company can do ALL of that. A business web video can be complex. A professional video production company can help you from concept to final delivery.

OK, let’s summarize.

A videographer can film dance recitals, some company events, or weddings.

A video production company creates web videos that need a script, storyboard, animation, voice overs, editing, or even actors.

Still not sure?

eTown Videos offers videography services AND a full service video production team throughout Western Massachusetts and New England.

So call us or send us a note. We will respond with helpful advice and pricing.

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