Basic overview of how to post a web video

Adding rich media such as web video to your website will dramatically increase the engagement level of web visitors.
We outline several options for our video production clients in Western Massachusetts to integrate their web video with business websites. Options include a basic YouTube embed to a high-end business video hosting platform with Brightcove for Viddler.

One of the easiest and best known methods to put video on a company website is through YouTube embeds. First you will need a YouTube account which most of the time is tied to your Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail or YouTube account then sign up for one because signup in easy and free.  Follow the upload instructions on YouTube to upload a video to your YouTube channel. Spend a little time to give your video a good descriptive title. That title and the video description  would help identify the content of the video with Google searches.  If you are familiar with meta tags then add meta-tags as well which are keywords that help describe your business, your products and services, and the type of video you’re adding to your YouTube channel. YouTube’s help and tutorial videos on how to begin uploading a video are available with a simple search.

After you upload your video, you may select whether your video is viewable to the public or  viewable to folks who know the specific URL to the video only. In other words, you can make your video private or public – depending on your specific needs. For example, when we have completed post production for a video production client then we like to upload the video to YouTube for client preview. In the setting parameters, we make the video unlisted (private, not searchable in Google or YouTube), because we only want the client to see video so that they may preview the video. With this example, the client would receive a YouTube link (URL) to the video file. If later we’d like like to make the video public for the world to see then that setting can easily be changed in the YouTube administrator settings.

What if you want that YouTube video which you just uploaded to play on your company website? Go to the video which you have just uploaded and among the share options, you are offered an embedd code. You can simply copy and paste that code. The embed code is then copied into your website, at this point you may need a little help or education in understanding how to add the code to your own website. Perhaps you have a web developer on staff or an individual who typically works with your online marketing responsibilities  to assist you. Once this last step is completed the video will now play on your website as well as on your YouTube channel.

Another popular option which includes embedding the video into your website is offered through Vimeo. Vimeo offers a solution for businesses which costs $199 per year, however if your videos are  for noncommercial use then there is no charge. Vimeo does offer an enhanced noncommercial use for about $10 per month which offers some additional features which you may or  may not be interested in. Vimeo is a great hosting platform for individuals who would like to showcase original content creation for noncommercial use.

If you require large amounts of video hosting, video player customization and you have large amounts of data transfer then you may want to investigate companies such as Brightcove or Viddler. These video hosting providers are good choices for  larger businesses but the monthly or annual costs can be quite significant, but again they offer high end business video hosting solutions.

Most businesses we produce web videos for in our general geographic marketing area in western Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut, are very pleased with YouTube video hosting. One note about YouTube embeds, you may want to disable the option for your video embed which adds video recommendations once your video has completed playing. Many times these recommendations are unrelated to your business or product and when web viewers click on these recommendations you will lose that web visitor as they may follow a video link to a competitor or a completely unrelated subject matter.

Here at eTown videos, we have experience with several video hosting platforms and can certainly assist you in recommending a video hosting solution that is right for your business.

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