How To Find A Video Production Company in Western Massachusetts

How to find a video production company in Western Massachusetts and enjoy the process

How To Find A Video Production Company in Western Massachusetts

Ask the right questions before you hire a Western Massachusetts videographer or video production company

You have made the decision to hire a video production company or videographer for your next video project. You know you need professional help but you don’t exactly know where to start. The task of how to find a video production company in Western Massachusetts does not have to be daunting for your organization.

There are talented and experienced video production companies in our region. I know because I have partnered with several of them for various projects. However, each company or videographer has different skill sets and specialities. Therefore, it is critical to formulate targeted questions for the video production company you are about to interview. Asking the right questions will reveal if the video production company you are about to hire is right for you. Ask with  consideration and courage because you’ll be working very closely with the company and their video staff for several weeks or months. You want to make sure the videographer or video production company you hire is a good fit with you and your staff.

I have developed a set of questions that will help you and your organization when interviewing a video production company:

  1. Does the videographer/video production company clearly understand your video project objectives? Ask them to restate your video production objectives in their own words. If the objective is unclear to the videographer then the video project may drift in a direction that may result in costly changes later on. Clarity upfront is critical.
  2. Does your video production require script development or professional voice over narration? Can the video company you are interviewing provide these services? It is very important to most clients to select a video production company that can provide all aspects of a video production, otherwise a project can become too convoluted.
  3. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes or misunderstandings during a video production can happen. And if a video producer’s feathers get ruffled quickly it will create a tense or uncomfortable business relationship. Therefore, ask how the videographer handles problems. Can the video production company change course quickly? Will they treat everyone in manner that’s professional and courteous?
  4. Ask for a customized video production quote including a detailed description of the scope of the production. You don’t want a quote from a recycled template. The scope and outline of the proposal and agreement should be specific to your project. It’s important to get all the details in writing. Being able to refer to a scoping document weeks or months after the original agreement was made can be tremendously helpful.
  5. Ask for a personal meeting with a staff member or the producer of the video production company. It will provide you with a good indication of their style and personality.
  6. Watch their video portfolio before you speak with the videographer or video production company. If you like what you see then proceed. If an adequate portfolio is non-existant then that may be an indication that they lack the necessary experience and depth. It is important to see prior work so that you can see the quality of the video productions.
  7. If you have important deadlines with respect to the final delivery of the video project then do make the videographer or video production company aware of it from the start.
  8. Do you know where the video will be seen? TV, web, social media, etc? How and where the video will be shown determines how the video is produced and how the final version of the video will be delivered.

How to find a video production company in Western Massachusetts should be a pleasant and fun process. I am certain that the above questions will be of great value during your selection process.

Finally, if you’d like to view our video portfolio or if you’d like to get video production advice and pricing for your next video project feel free to get in touch with us at eTown Videos. We’d be delighted to help!

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