Is Video Production Quality Important?

Online videos come in many varieties – from dogs on surfboards and people dancing. I watch them because many are indeed fun and entertaining, you could also become an unexpected star on YouTube 🙂 Many online videos are shot with low res phones or smart phones. Interestingly though, per Mashable, 9 out of the top 10 YouTube videos in 2012 were produced professionally. If you are a business considering a marketing video then quality plays an important role. High quality video builds trust and reflects on your companies or organization’s vision. As a business owner you take pride in offering the best service and products possible, therefore, your marketing video should reflect that commitment to quality and service. It is critical that your first impression is a good one. Someone discovering your business online for the first time wants to be impressed. Put your best foot forward, be original, authentic, and showcase your business with a high quality marketing video. I am not saying that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars, a high quality marketing video can be produced even with a limited online marketing budget.

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