30-second impact videos for technology companies

Certain industries are sometimes difficult to visualize such as software developers or  IT companies. Producing a web video for technology companies may require a slightly different approach and a little more creativity. If your business is looking to make an immediate impact at a trade show or on your company website then your web video production would benefit from animation, graphics, music, and professional voice-over talents.  As the title of this post suggests, your video should be relatively short to maximize the immediate impact of the video. The video may be as short as 15 seconds although a 30-second clip would be more likely.

The script and storyboard development process would start by establishing who your target audience is. Next, outline your unique selling propositions such as Apple’s consistent focus on innovation and simplicity or their catchphrase “There’s an app for that”. In other words, address an industry “pain” that your company is uniquely qualified to solve. This message needs to be conveyed in a simple and concise manner. Clarification and specificity about what your software or IT company is offering and why you are doing it may be of particular importance for technology companies. Again, the reason for this is that people are not always clear about what services technology companies offer and how your business can help. You probably already have certain images and messages that have worked well for you in the past, these production assets can be of great assistance when developing the video.

Integrating your unique selling proposition with an attention-grabbing graphics presentation requires a skilled computer animator who understands how to combine a polished animation with your corporate logo and image. Here at eTown, we work with a talented and highly experienced computer graphics animator.   Today’s technology allows you to choose a video production company from virtually anywhere as long as the video team you choose can help you produce a compelling and engaging immediate impact web video.

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