3 Ways To Help Improve Patient Education With Animated Medical Videos

How animated medical videos safe time and increase health literacy 

molecular animated medical video

Molecular and cellular animated videos help visualize procedures or disease state

In this blog post you will gain a deeper understanding of how animated medical videos improve patient care. The need for concise, accurate, and easy to understand health information is critical in patient self-care and disease prevention. Outcomes in healthcare improve when patients are proactively engaged with their physicians and healthcare providers. However, in working with many medical clinics and healthcare providers, eTown Videos, LLC has learned that time demands put limits on a provider’s availability for patient education.

Many healthcare organizations and providers have typically used  print brochures or fairly lengthy website descriptions to help provide patients with valuable information. This form of education can be difficult for patients to assimilate no matter how well intended.

Providing healthcare information and animated medical videos  conveniently and comfortably

Animated medical videos offer an important option in patient care and health care literacy. Medical explainer videos are the most effective tools to help explain complicated treatment processes and medical concepts. Succinct and accurate medical animations can be tailored depending on the level of detail a patient requires.

Well crafted scripts combined with high quality 3D videos help bridge the gap between provider care and well informed patients. When patients have a deeper understanding, they experience a deeper satisfaction level with regard to the care they receive. For example, patients gain a better understanding through educational medical videos about an upcoming procedure or diagnosis. Medical videos also reduce the amount of time it takes to learn the new information. Many important questions can be answered through medical videos which explain a procedure and a diagnosis in more detail. The videos can be watched in the comfort of the patient’s home or perhaps in a waiting room on a tablet.

It’s important to make access to medical education convenient based on where the patients are and the mood they are in. Ubiquitous broadband availability make the goal of patient education even more valuable. In fact, many healthcare providers have developed video portals to deliver medical animation videos to patients conveniently through password protected websites or free websites. It is not an exaggeration to state that medical videos will revolutionize the healthcare literacy.

Delivering animated medical videos with clarity 

Illustrating innovative medical devices or procedures are often challenging, particularly when the procedures performed cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Showing a medical device from different angles and various zoom levels can be accomplished through the creative application of vector graphics. These images can even be created from scratch if the original source is currently unavailable in high-resolution formats. Through unique 3D software modeling, images can be rotated and scaled indefinitely and always look camera ready without the loss of any quality or resolution. For many healthcare providers, academia, and medical specialist, animated medical videos have become an indispensable tool.  Many professionals and patients increasingly expect information to be delivered in concise, short, digestible video segments. Animated medical videos help accomplish that goal. 

Education and training

Patient and staff education is a critical part of healthcare and disease prevention, and medical videos play an important role. For example, a patient’s comfort level increases significantly after having watched a video about a medical device or procedure. The video quickly informs and deepens understanding in a concise manner. An animated medical video can illustrate a disease state in 2-3 minutes much more concisely than a printed brochure which may take 20-30 minutes to read. Animation can illustrate a medical device in 3D space dramatically better than any photo could.

As patients express a desire to become more proactive and involved in their healthcare, medical e-learning media will give them tools to stay educated. For example, patients often need guidance about an upcoming procedure and medical animations can help them be prepared. A patient may require concise instructions on how to take their medication – a detailed video explanation will help them.

Business leaders in healthcare may find themselves dealing with other decision makers, investors, and hospital professionals, and these encounters rely on accurate and timesaving communications. Video animations are a critical tool for communicating product innovation and medical theories.

The number of medical device companies, medical specialists, and hospital administrators  that rely of  on succinct and accurate medical illustrations has increased significantly over the past few years. With an experienced team of video creators and animators, eTown Videos, LLC has been partnering with companies nationwide to create valuable animated medical videos.

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