The iPad and corporate video communications is a great match

As an enthusiastic Apple iPad user, I was indeed curious to hear and see what Steve Jobs had in store for us during the iPad 2 announcement yesterday, there certainly was no shortage of media coverage about the event. Is there ever any media coverage shortage when Apple announces a new product? šŸ™‚Ā  In a nutshell, I like the new design, faster chip, and the addition of FaceTime. Although I was hoping for a retina display on the iPad 2, just like the iPhone 4. We’ll have to wait for the iPad 3.

As a video creator, I find the iPad to be a powerful tool when displaying client video samples. Whether I showcase a marketing video, an animation clip, or a training video, the ease with which I can show video samples is extremely helpful during a marketing meeting or initial client demonstration. Many of the videos are stored on the iPad itself but with an adequate Internet connection, many videos can also be viewed in a browser or cloud based storage service such as Dropbox. Many of our videos and client videos are stored on YouTube or Vimeo which mean that videos can be viewed on the iPad.

As the iPad is becoming more important in the business environment, I have also observed, that many business managers use the iPad in conjunction with their corporate video production and corporate video communications. In fact, one of the options we provide for clients is the output format for mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, or Android based mobile devises. While delivery over the web and corporate networks (WANs, LANs) is common, increasingly, we also focus on mobile delivery formats of our video productions.

The iPad as well as other mobile devices are great video communications tools whether you are a small business owner or corporate executive. You may find yourself at a lunch meeting, in conference room, or in an airport lobby discussing your company’s latest product, it can be quite impactful and impressive to show a business partner or potential client a professional product video presentation which demonstrates the features and benefits with an effective and polished video production.

Of course the iPad sports over 65,000 apps, plenty of other productive and fun things this device can do for you, and I could probably blog for the next two weeks straight and talk about someĀ  the these interesting apps I use on a daily basis. But as a video creator I tend to focus on the iPad as a greatĀ  business and corporate video communications tool.

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