Creating Professional Training Videos

training video production - how to keep them awake If you have ever been assigned the task of creating training videos for your company or department then you know it’s hard work and can be enormously challenging. The subject matter, which is being covered in the training video production may be rather complicated. Keeping viewers engaged is typically difficult to do. If your audience is not engaged then it is almost impossible to teach and train. Finding the right training video production company is critical.

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Script Development For Your Training Videos

We often produce training videos for organizations that are based on instructional lectures. In other words, filming live event sessions are taught by a trainer or industry expert. However, we also create training videos that require the development of a script to help explain processes, products, or services. At that point, it is not only helpful but also essential to develop a solid training video script. The scripts then become the master documents that will drive the entire production. They often dictate the quality of the video production. Therefore, it is wise to invest much time and effort when writing your script.

Keeping Your Audience Awake – Motion Graphics and Animation

Your employees and staff members are used to seeing high-quality TV, movies, and online videos. Now they have to watch a training video which could be on a dry subject matter – it is what it is, and they must watch the training.

One of the best methods to keep your audience engaged is to keep interrupting and changing things while they are watching.

For example, while showing the speaker, we can cut away to graphics to illustrate a point. I’m simply saying that changing from one person talking for an extended period to a brief animation and back again keeps the theme and context of the training material intact and makes the video more visually interesting for the viewer.

If your video is mainly graphics, making a cut to a person speaking will do the trick. Whatever you do keep it moving, keep it interesting.

Changing the style of what you’re showing will keep your audience awake and engaged. We have produced training videos that change the style of the visual offerings, and the audience stays awake and engaged. You can only teach your audience if they are alert and actively watching. After all, isn’t teaching and motivation the point of the video?

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