Discovering the power of Attorney Video Marketing

Meet Attorney Al Gordon of Springfield, Massachusetts. Al Gordon recently hired eTown Videos to produce a marketing video series to help target new clients and cases. The videos are designed to educate, teach, and provide valuable information to potential clients. The topics for the marketing videos were carefully chosen and developed by Attorney Al Gordon based on what online searchers want and need in terms of education and information. Next, the eTown Videos team and Attorney Gordon decided on several video marketing strategies which included total run-time of the videos, the look and feel, the actual office setting, and effective CTAs (call-to-action) for each video. It was important to us that the message is direct, simple, and passionate with a clear premise.  During the shoot the eTown Videos production team provided guidance, discussing what works best, and making sure that Attorney Gordon felt entirely comfortable in front of the camera. Of course it was very helpful that Attorney Gordon has a natural ability to connect with his viewers in a warm and personable manner. Although the topics were prepared in advance, Attorney Gordon’s delivery come across as very personal and caring. With this blog post, we are posting one of the marketing videos we produced.

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