An opportunity to go beyond the hype and buzz with your video marketing

web video marketing to make an emotional connection

Making an emotional connection will be remembered long after the facts are forgotten.

Finding and making an emotional connection with your audience is often more important than focusing on specific selling points, pain points, or facts alone. Many marketing videos that focus primarily on hype and buzz will be short-lived and quickly forgotten. It’s sort of like a sugar high. The first taste is really good and provides you with a brief “high”, but it’s quickly followed by a crash and it is not very nourishing. Many video marketing campaigns and commercials follow that same trajectory. A video which is filled with too much flash and no inherent emotional connection lacks a purpose which is necessary to be remembered. Weaving genuine helpfulness into the video is the second essential ingredient that makes your video memorable and worth sharing.

Of course you could always buy plenty of air time to broadcast your commercial, and through sheer “forced” repetition folks will remember your video and perhaps will make a connection with your brand. However, that repetition  strategy is costly, offers no guarantees, and would not work for the web when viewers can simply click away. A TV audience must endure hype filled ads that are stuck in the middle of their favorite programs but the commercials don’t necessarily make a worthwhile connection with your brand. Incidentally, if you are targeting millennials, an online marketing strategy would reach your audience with much more certainty because over 30% of millennials are “cord cutters” – they have never even had a cable TV connection.

Create videos that deliver an emotional connection with your audience, and your brand has a much better chance of being remembered long after the facts have been forgotten.

This 2013 fundraiser video was produced by eTown Videos

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