Marketing Video – Client Example

Marketing videos, promotional videos and commercials are all designed to do one thing, to help sell your services and products.

What makes a good video? eTown Videos has been producing promotional and marketing videos since 2006. Through our experience working with many major industries, services and products, we’ve identified several areas that are critical.


More is less. Anything we produce for marketing and promotional purposes should have a maximum run time of 2 to 2 ½ minutes. Anything longer will lose the attention of the audience.

Storytelling. Effective digital storytelling is a key ingredient in keeping your audience engaged. Storytelling techniques combine a mixture of creativity, intuition, skill, and experience.

Relevance. The information you share must be relevant. In other words the viewer should be able to find the information both useful and correct.

Localization. The video production company should have a sense of local sensibilities and industry awareness. An awareness of the local market and industry conditions are often developed by serving the business communities  locally and by conducting thorough research.

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If you are looking for a marketing video production company in Western Massachusetts we hope you consider eTown Videos.