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Boost Your Brand with Marketing Video Production

Quality marketing videos can increase awareness of your brand, improve website metrics, and generate leads.

Generate Excitement with a Marketing Video

A well-crafted marketing video can generate an audience, raise your bottom line, and strengthen your brand.

Targeted for Your Industry

Whether it’s a live, animated, or graphic-based video, we focus on your target audience to create an engaging and impactful message that showcases your product or service.

Local Videographers

eTown Videos offers flexible video production services to fit your unique needs. From single videographers to multiple videographers, we have the expertise to film your video project with the highest quality and professionalism.

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Massachusetts video production and marketing videos

Low Website Traffic and Conversions?

Increase website traffic and lead generation with well-produced marketing videos.

Difficulty Communicating Your Message?

Clearly and effectively communicate your message to your target audience through visually compelling marketing videos.

Lack of Brand Awareness?

Increase website traffic and lead generation with well-placed marketing videos.

Marketing Video Production

eTown Videos has been creating videos since 2006 and we understand the immense impact that a well-crafted marketing video can have on a business. That’s why we work tirelessly to produce videos that are not only engaging and visually stunning but also effectively communicate your brand’s message to your audience. Our team of videographers, editors, and motion graphics animators are experts in their field. They are dedicated to helping businesses grow by creating videos that generate buzz, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive conversions. Let us help you amplify your message and take your business to the next level with our top-notch marketing video production services.

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Recent productions from eTown Videos

How It Works:

1. Description of Your Marketing Video Project

Send us a few details about your video project. 

2. We Create and Film Your Video

We review your objectives for the marketing video and begin the production.

3. Share Your New Video

Share your great new video with the world.

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How We Work

Looking to create a video that wows your audience and achieves your marketing goals? Look no further than eTown Videos! Here’s how our video production process works:

Storytelling that Sells: Getting to Know You and Your Customers

Whether you’re promoting a new product, service, or event, we know that effective videos start with a great story. That’s why our first step is to get to know your business, your customers, and the unique problem you’re solving for them.

Creative Brainstorming: Turning Your Story into an Engaging Video

Once we have a solid understanding of your business and your target audience, we’ll get to work brainstorming creative ways to bring your message to life. Our talented team of filmmakers, editors, and graphic design artists will work together to create a script that is both intelligent and entertaining and that showcases your message in the best possible light.

Lights, Camera, Action: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Springfield and Boston Massachusetts Video Production Company With your script approved, it’s time to move into production. We’ll use our expertise and experience to capture and record all of the footage we need to make your business or organization shine, whether you’re looking for a video or an animated or graphic-based video.

From Rough Cut to Final Cut: Editing and Polishing Your Video

In post-production, our editors and graphic artists will work their magic, editing together the footage into a compelling narrative. We’ll add in voiceover, text, and any required motion graphics, making sure to incorporate your feedback along the way. Once we’re done, you’ll have a polished, professional final video that you can share with everyone.

Your Go-To Video Production Team in Springfield and Boston Massachusetts

When it comes to video production in Springfield or Boston, Massachusetts, eTown Videos is your go-to source. Our trustworthiness, expertise, authoritativeness, and experience set us apart, and we guarantee that our videos will meet both the specific needs of your business and the general purpose of your website. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to the next level!

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