Three Reasons To Add Video To Your Company BlogBlogging is one of the most effective ways to highlight your expertise and engage customers, prospects, and peers. Additionally, it is helpful in widening your search engine footprint and online marketing efforts.

As I commented in previous posts, blogging is similar to other social media activities in regards to choosing a non-sales approach. Most people who read blogs and participate in social media activities do NOT like being sold, therefore, I would not use the blogosphere for direct sales presentations. Instead provide your readers with valuable and useful content – nothing new for the folks that have been blogging for some time.

How can video help your blog?

1. How-to videos

Some of the most watched videos are how-to videos. Tips on how to use your services and products are very helpful to customers and prospects. 30-60 second video clips of how to assemble a furniture piece or how to navigate your company website would be very useful content. In the event your customer needs to contact your support staff, a brief video which explains how to engage your company’s service department would result in a positive customer experience . If you are an IT company, you could have a technician demonstrate how to reboot computer hardware after a power failure. If you are a social media consultant then you could provide your audience with a visual tour of how to best use the privacy settings on your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Obviously, the topics are of endless variety depending on your business. Readers of your blog will become familiar with your experience and knowledge which could of course lead to business opportunities down the road.

2. Expressing your passion with video

From time to time you may find that a topic is of particular interest to you and a text based blog just doesn’t convey the passion you have for the subject matter. In those moments, you want to capture your enthusiasm on camera. As a video production company we could use our film-making equipment, but for the video blog I tend to use my iPhone 4 which is sufficient for a one to two minute video blog segment. The video connects with your community and audience on a level which a text based blog simply cannot do. Your audience gets a chance to see you and gain a sense of your style and personality. It’s really the next best thing to actually being in the room with you.
Getting over the initial nervousness when recording yourself may take a little practice, but I can assure you the comfort level increases quickly.

3. Develop a transcript for your video

Incorporating a script in terms of closed captions for your YouTube video will give web visitors who can’t watch your video an opportunity to enjoy your content. Secondly, adding closed captions to your videos will help your Video SEO as search engine will index the text of your videos, helping your video content rank higher and draw more traffic to your blog.

Finally, I am not advocating focusing primarily on video but video blogs will provide your audience with an effective and entertaining mix of how they can connect with you. Give it a try and test it for yourself.

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