Training Video Productions

Bring Your Training Process to Life

Time to onboard your new employees. Let’s streamline your process with a training video.

Save Money with Training Videos

Training videos can save you thousands of dollars in travel expenses by learning remotely through videos.

Teach Your Staff and Audience with Training Videos

We make complex concepts easy to understand with educational videos for your employees and customers.

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Stop Stressing Out About In-House Training

In-house employee training can be time-consuming, expensive, and challenging to manage. With a training video created by eTown Videos, your team can watch and learn remotely, save time, and save thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

Client Training Video Examples

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Short Effective Training Videos

Condense large amounts of training content into short and easy-to-digest videos

Easy Production Process

Our production process makes it easy to create training videos for effective learning.

Make Learning Easy

eTown Videos creates corporate and business training videos that stick and keep your audience interested

How to Get Started:

1. Description of Your Training Video Project

Send us a brief description of your project. 

2. eTown Videos Will Send You a Proposal

In most cases, we’ll set up a call to discuss your training project in more detail. Then we’ll send a detailed proposal. 

3. Proposal Approval and Production Start

Let us know if you want to move forward, and we’ll schedule the kick-off meeting and get the training video project rolling. 

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eTown Videos produces Training Videos and Safety Videos for Organizations

Creating Customized Training Videos

At eTown Videos, our team understands that each organization has unique training needs, which is why we provide customized training videos tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. The eTown Videos’ videographers, editors, and producers work closely with clients to develop content that addresses specific topics, skills, and procedures relevant to your business. These videos can be used to train new employees and existing staff who need to improve their skills and knowledge.

Effective Onboarding Videos for New Hires

In addition to creating training videos, eTown Videos also produces onboarding videos that help organizations onboard new employees. These videos provide new hires with a comprehensive overview of the company’s culture, policies, procedures, and expectations. They help to ensure that new employees understand their role within your company and can perform their duties effectively.

Producing Safety Videos for Organizations

Safety is a top priority for any organization, and eTown Videos creates safety videos that can help ensure your employees’ safety. Our team of videographers, editors, and producers work with clients to create customized safety videos that address specific safety concerns and procedures within your organization. These videos can be used to educate employees on safety protocols, procedures, and equipment handling, reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

training video production

Using Video to Enhance Employee Training and Safety

At eTown Videos, the team believes in the power of video to enhance employee training and safety. By providing organizations with customized Training Videos, Onboarding Videos, and Safety Videos, they can help clients to create effective training and safety programs that meet the needs of their organization. Contact eTown Videos today to learn more about their video production services and how they can help your organization to improve employee training and safety.

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eTown Videos’ Production Process for Training and Safety Videos

eTown Videos’ production process for training Videos and safety Videos is designed to be customized, efficient, and effective. Our videographers, editors, and producers work closely with clients to develop content that meets your specific needs and goals.

training video production and videographers Here’s how eTown Videos’ production process works:

Discovery Phase: During the initial consultation, the team at eTown Videos will work with you to identify the specific needs and goals for the video. This includes determining the target audience, the specific topic(s) to be covered, and the desired outcomes of the video.

Pre-Production Phase: In this phase, eTown Videos will create a customized script and storyboard based on the identified needs and goals of the video. We will work with you to ensure that the script and storyboard meet your expectations and requirements.

Production Phase: This is where the actual filming takes place. The team at eTown Videos will use high-quality equipment and techniques to capture the footage needed for the video. This may include interviews and demonstrations, depending on the specific needs of the video.

Post-Production Phase: We will edit and produce the final video in this phase. This includes adding any necessary graphics, music, and voiceovers. You will have the opportunity to review the video and provide feedback to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Final Delivery: Once the client has approved the final video, eTown Videos will deliver the video in the desired format.

Throughout the production process, eTown Videos’ team will work closely with you to ensure that the video meets your specific needs and goals. Our customized approach ensures that each training video and safety video is tailored to your unique requirements, resulting in a video that is efficient, effective, and engaging.

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