Training Videos – Increasing Employee Skills While Reducing Training Costs

Investing in training videos will help reduce future employee training costs

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Employee training and education is essential but also costly. Your company may spend tens of thousands of dollars on training seminars for employee education. But when the training event is over, studies show that without frequent repetition and reinforcement, the new skill sets are soon forgotten. Therefore, consider investing in training videos to assist your organization with employee training and education.

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Training videos can be very useful for the person or company who invests time and resources into training employees, students or even customers. These videos vary widely for all forms of training. For software demonstrations, an animation can be created. Lectures can be filmed for students to access later. General maintenance videos can show someone performing a task showing hands on how the process works. The video can also be scripted with a voiceover, so it shows the training process in more detail.

Many companies provide employee training for new hires, or to update their staff on the latest industry knowledge. It can be difficult to pull employees away from their workstations during operating hours. Additionally, it is not always easy to have everyone in the same place at the same time. Not all staff members are trained at the same level. Training videos are a good solution. By using training videos, the individual is able to watch from the desktop at work, or on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone when they are away from their place of work.

Some companies sell items that require explanation on how they are installed or maintained. Customers may access these videos at any time, and can watch them numerous times, easily learning the procedures from home. Municipalities can also offer training videos for emergency response volunteers, which helps ensure continuity of message and availability of content.

In person training can be time consuming and costly. Consider creating a video, or series of videos to convey the information you need that can be available at any time.

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