Key Differences Between A Videographer and A Video Production Company

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Understanding the differences between a videographer and a video production company The difference between a videographer and a video production company is often the least understood concept among businesses. A professional video production company has a professional web presence, an impressive portfolio, and a lot of experience. Their portfolio will highlight the various styles and formats. [...]

Perfect time for small businesses and affordable video marketing ads

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High audience engagement through video marketing on Facebook As a follow up to my post from yesterday about digital video marketing trends for 2015, I’d like to add a few comments regarding video marketing on Facebook for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). The time is perfect for affordable video marketing ads on Facebook. Facebook [...]

Making The Emotional Connection Through Video Marketing

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An opportunity to go beyond the hype and buzz with your video marketing Making an emotional connection will be remembered long after the facts are forgotten. Finding and making an emotional connection with your audience is often more important than focusing on specific selling points, pain points, or facts alone. Many marketing videos that [...]

2014 Business Person of the Year – Sven Kielhorn

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Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce 2014 Business Person of the Year - Sven Kielhorn Re-published with permission by the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce January 2015, Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony. Sven Kielhorn, Denise Kielhorn, Daniel Mimeault Congratulations to Sven Kielhorn of eTown Videos, Southampton, MA, for winning the Chamber's 2014 Business Person of the Year [...]

How To Find A Video Production Company in Western Massachusetts

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How to find a video production company in Western Massachusetts and enjoy the process Ask the right questions before you hire a Western Massachusetts videographer or video production company You have made the decision to hire a video production company or videographer for your next video project. You know you need [...]

Should I Hire A Freelance Videographer Or A Video Production Company?

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The difference between a videographer and a video production company Lucy's company is located in Springfield, Massachusetts and her employer needs a web video to explain their products. She's wondering if she should hire a local videographer or a video production company? The video production company she's considering has a great website, an impressive portfolio, and a [...]

Should I Hire a Videographer or a Video Production Company?

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What you need to know before you hire a videographer or video production company What you need to know before you hire. Your company's and your reputation depend on it.You have decided to hire the services of a video specialist for your next video project. You have a budget to consider. You have your reputation and your company's reputation [...]

Western Mass Video Production At 24 Frames Per Second

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Videographer located in Southampton, Easthampton Massachusetts explains frame rates for DSLR and traditional video cameras As most of you know, moving images are just an illusion, you are just seeing a series of pictures. In fact, a single second of video contains 30 frames per second (fps) if your are watching broadcast TV. Most movies which [...]

Videographer, Video Production Company Covering Easthampton, MA

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Small Business Video Production Services for Easthampton, MA - Creative Digital Storytelling Since November of 2011, eTown Videos has been producing the monthly video spotlight for the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce. We thoroughly enjoy working with the chamber and the wonderful member organizations in Easthampton, Massachusetts. We had the pleasure of working with floral designer, Annmary Boruchowski, of Easthampton, [...]

Changes for Businesses, Video Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and Videographers in Massachusetts

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Suggestions for mapping out YouTube marketing, video marketing strategies for businesses in Massachusetts As a video content producer and creator, the last few weeks of the year are typically an appropriate time to take a look at  what lessons we  can learn from video production, video marketing and YouTube marketing during the past year. Well, here’s [...]

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