Western Massachusetts Videographer Highlights Local Hair Salon in Easthampton, Massachusetts

This month the eTown videography crew was back on the road on behalf of the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce to showcase another wonderful member business. We spoke with Lisa Godin who has been a hairstylist in Easthampton, MA for 26 years. She’s the owner of Lisa’s Hair Shop. The video highlights her beautiful and spacious hair salon as well as her delightful and charming personality. In this post, I’d also like to take you behind the scenes of our monthly video spotlight for the Chamber.

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A few notes on videography and video production for this web commercial.

We try to keep to total run time to around 60-90 seconds for most small businesses. Based on our observations over the years, a 60-90 second web video commercial is long enough to deliver the concise marketing message of the business while providing the audience with an opportunity to get a sense of the personalities of its owner.

During the interview with the videographer it is critical that the person being interviewed feels as comfortable as possible once the camera and lights go on. We pay a lot of attention to bringing out the personality of the person we are speaking with – it’s a rather important aspect of any interview or presentation. The average small business interview process takes 20-40 minutes. We try to establish an environment where the videographer, lights, camera, or anything else related to video production simply doesn’t matter anymore to the person being interviewed. We are simply having a conversation, in this case with Lisa Godin, about a subject which she loves and enjoys talking about – making her clients look and feel great.

Finally, just a few comments on the importance of b-roll footage. If you are not familiar with this term – b-roll footage is video footage that helps tell the story. It is not designed to tell the story because that’s what the interview is for. However, as videographers and video creatives, we want to keep the story visually interesting. Regardless of the type of business, we are filming we seek out elements of the business that help make the video memorable and individualized. Anything that might be different or eye-catching is of interest to the videographer. The goal is to portray your business in the most interesting and unforgettable manner possible.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce member spotlight, and thank you to Lisa Godin for allowing our video team to capture her business and personality on video.

eTown Videos is located in Southampton, MA and our videography crew cover all of Western Massachusetts, Eastern Massachusetts, Northern Connecticut, and Vermont.