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Video Marketing, Dinn Brothers Trophy, Inc., 221 Interstate Dr., West Springfield MA 01089Video marketing means incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns. The primary objective of marketing videos is typically to promote your products, such as a new product launch, introducing your company, as well as delivering product information. The type of videos and that we have created and produced for companies in Western Massachusetts and in various other parts of New England, have also taken the form of trade show videos, training videos, and videos to help increase in donations for nonprofit organizations.

The type of results that are typically achieved with marketing videos vary depending on your marketing goals. For example, we have worked with several companies that have done an excellent job designing their online stores  to make them search engine friendly, in other words, their websites or online stores have achieved desirable Google rankings based on their industry specific keywords. These companies receive anywhere between 500 and several thousand unique visitors each day. Driving traffic to your website is certainly one of the most important areas in your online marketing campaigns, however it is equally important to convert those visitors to loyal customers. So the question is, what would make a web visitor purchase your products or service from your website instead of from an equally priced competitor?

People don’t buy from websites, people buy from people

We have found over and over again that online shoppers seek a personal touch to enhance their online shopping experience. Adding a video which introduces the company owner, manager, or customer service staff can dramatically increases the trust level of the online shoppers. A well-produced two minute web video, introducing your company to the world has an almost immediate effect on the comfort level of online shoppers. Our clients have seen an immediate increase in the conversion rate once the video was posted on their website. At this point I would like to state that the video should be in line with your company’s branding and desired vision. Just any video will not necessarily achieve the desired result of increasing the conversion rate. A poorly produced video can be worse than no video at all. So if you shop for a video production company take your time and watch their video portfolio, it should give you a fairly good indication of the style and production value which the video production company offers. Long story short, web videos mean higher conversion rates, consequently increased sales. We were given an opportunity to work with Dinn Brothers Trophy, Inc. in West Springfield, Massachusetts – the video was produced about three years ago and online shoppers continue to be greeted with a warm and personal introduction by the Dinn management team while showcasing their manufacturing facility.

Dave DelVecchio of Innovative Business Systems in Easthampton,¬† Massachusetts, once told me that the video we produced for him can ‘convey information in 90 seconds that would take a web visitor at least 20 minutes to read about’.
An introductory video means saving the web visitor time while your business offers valuable information.
Text based websites (even if you add some photos) aren’t nearly as engaging as rich media such as a 90 second introductory video. In addition to providing a personal touch and humanizing your website, you also have an opportunity to showcase your expertise and knowledge in your specific industry.

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