Helping Western Massachusetts businesses tell their story with online video

If you’re struggling to come up with just the right words to say about your business on camera then you’re not alone. At eTown Videos we have dealt with all types of businesses and one of our primary objectives is to help our clients tell their unique story with a web video. There are many approaches one can take, however in this post I would like to provide you with a basic guide which should help you in formulating your script or responses.

Get the viewers’ attention: One of the first goals for your video is to get the viewers’ attention with an opening statement. For example, many business owners accomplish this first step by addressing a problem that their product or service solves. Make the statement or your comments compelling enough so that the viewers will want to stay around  for the entire video and listen to the valuable information that you are about to provide.

Background about your business, your unique selling proposition: At this point you need to provide the viewer with a brief outline of how long you have been in business and some of your unique selling propositions that make your business different. Now offer valuable and important insight on how to solve some common problems that consumers face.

Call to action: It happens more often than you may think, but marketers spent a lot of dollars to create a high level of engagement and interest, and then neglected to tell the viewers what to do next and how to get their product. Therefore, make sure you tell them  how they can get in touch with you. Provide the viewer with your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, your web address, phone number, or the location of your business.

And remember, you’re not alone, here at eTown Videos it is our job to guide you through this process and create an engaging and attention grabbing video for your organization. We have conducted hundreds of interviews over the years and it may take 30 minutes for each full minute of a completed video production, but the time and effort is well worth the result.

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