What’s Holding Back Sales for Technology Companies?

Explaining Technology Concepts with Motion Graphics and Animation

“One of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome during the sales process is the fact that technology is usually invisible.” – Sven Kielhorn, eTown Videos

Overcoming Barriers to New Technology Adaptation through Web Video

I have been selling and marketing technology services and products for over 20 years. Based on my own experience and working with clients in the technology sector, one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome during the sales process is the fact that technology is usually invisible. Most clients only see “boxes, monitors, and screens”.

For most buyers that are considering investing in new technology, the risk is perceived as fairly high. At least 60% of buyers do not like taking risks with new technology. The cost of making the wrong decision when purchasing new technology is usually a lot higher than new software, an upgraded network, or a communications device. Therefore, it is no surprise that buyers seem indecisive when considering a major technology purchase or upgrade.

Using Video to Bring Your Technology to Life

Here at eTown Videos we assist technology providers with their sales and marketing efforts through the effective use of video. Videos can also help risk-averse buyers to see the benefits of a new technology and gain a much deeper understanding of how it actually works. At the end of this article I will post recent video productions to offer a sense of how powerfully video and motion graphics can communicate the essence of technology products and services.

Explaining Technology Concepts with Motion Graphics and Animation

Communications networks and software products aren’t easily seen but they probably affect every single person in your company and your client’s company. Using motion graphics and animation can bring a technology to life by making the invisible visible. Using motion elements to show relationships, ideas, and concepts in a video makes the new product or service tremendously more understandable, and frankly, much more approachable. It reduces fear of the unknown.

Many new technology providers offer some sort of productivity improvement. For example, while a 10-20% increase in speed may be very significant, this fact can come across as fairly dry in print. However, when using motion graphic charts and video animations, the same percentages and performance improvements are much more impactful to a potential buyer. Words just don’t have the same response from the viewer as video does.

Technological concepts and ideas are not easily explained with text. Video cannot only make the service or product easier to comprehend but it can also do so quickly and more elegantly. What would take the average person 20 minutes to read about can be relayed in a video in 2 or 3 minutes.

eTown Videos has become one of the premier motion graphics and animation video production firms in the area, and we are able to animate pretty much any concept, idea, product or service. The manner with which provider-buyer communications are enhanced are indeed significant and worthy of consideration.

If you find that your clients are not simply and easily seeing the tremendous benefits your technology offers then perhaps it’s time to utilize video to help communicate your message.

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