Most SEO companies do not offer video marketing for their clients

As I observe the video marketing landscape, I have come across some very talented web marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) companies. My chats and meetings with them have been filled with thought provoking ideas and strategies. However,  most do not offer video marketing or video SEO.

Most SEO companies do not offer video marketing for their clientsVideo SEO and marketing can be quite beneficial to clients who just invested in an online video production. When video SEO is applied, even on a basic level, and the videos begin to show up in Google search results, these videos tend to get a much better CTR (click through rate) then text search results with higher rankings. Once people see a video icon in their search results their behavior changes and the cursor moves to the video thumb, provided of course the video is in fact related to their search query. Some studies suggest that the CTR for video thumbs  is 40% better than text based search results. That’s a huge and big opportunity.

Simply uploading a video to YouTube or to your company website is unfortunately not enough if you want to rank your video for specific search terms or phrases. While eTown Videos is not an SEO company we do provide clients with Video SEO assistance and we have found that traffic and conversion rates have increased for our clients, in some cases, quite significantly.

Therefore, if your company uses web videos and you are about to hire a marketing agency, you may want to inquire about their experience with Video SEO.

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