These video marketing mistakes will lead to poor conversions

Video is on top of the list of every major marketing project in 2015. One of the main purposes of video is to engage viewers and convert prospective clients into loyal customers. Video engagement metrics are very measurable. A marketing video on your website will always improve the performance of your website. However if the marketing analytics reflect a poor performance or return, then often one or all of the following causes are at the root of the problem.


1. Low production value

What does low production value mean? Poor lighting techniques, such as annoying overexposure from a window behind an interview subject. This is irritating to the viewer and pulls attention away from the person being interviewed. Poor white balancing is also a common issue. For example, if you have a mix of outdoor and indoor lighting conditions then videos tend to have a slightly blue or orange tint.

If a scene were filmed on green screen so a background can be added or changed during editing, then even small lighting and editing oversights will make the video look unnatural. Specifically, if an individual’s hair has a slight green outline or the shoulders a green shimmer then the green screen filming had poor lighting or later poor editing skills. Often a person’s face will also look too dark for the shot.

Last but not least, a low production value will become apparent when outdated filming styles are being used. For example, if depth of field is completely missing, smooth slides and zooms have been avoided and instead static tripod shots were done.

Finally, all too often poor audio quality can be one of the most annoying elements in the video, and almost always viewers will click away before the end of the video.

A low production value will reflect poorly on the marketer as well as the image of the organization.

2. Run time of the video is too long

Particularly in the case of web video productions, less is more. Home pages typically benefit from shorter videos because at this point the viewer is looking for quick overall impressions of the website and the company. The sweet spot is usually around two minutes for a video on the home page if you’re providing the viewer with a company introduction.

Pages with lower traffic, such as the About Us section, usually do well with slightly longer videos. The reason is that visitors already have looked around your site and are now settling in to learn more about you.

3. The video covers too much information

One of the biggest mistakes I see with marketing videos for many companies is that the video contains too much information. The message becomes complex and convoluted when you do that. Keep the message simple and obvious, and focus on no more than three points, ideally focus on just one single point. I know that sounds almost impossible to do for most businesses but try it and watch your viewership engagement increase.

A professional filmmaker typically will avoid making these mistakes, but do examine their portfolio closely.  A higher production value may also add an increase to your video marketing budget, but it will be worth every penny.

The goal of the video marketing

  • Keep the production value high
  • Keep the runtime to a minimum
  • Keep the message simple and engaging

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