5 Solutions to the Most Common Video Marketing Challenges

Even experienced marketers may find that managing a video marketing campaign can be a daunting task. Things can go wrong quickly and cost your company money. Let’s review some common challenges and our proposed solutions.

1. Have your script reviewed by a professional scriptwriter

Challenge: Writing a script for video is very different from anything else you may have written in the past. For example, a story that reads well as text will sound completely different in a video production. The tone, flow, and feel requires a different approach.

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Solution: Most professional video production companies have scriptwriters on their team. Even if you expect to write the initial drafts for your script, at a minimum I do recommend engaging a professional scriptwriter for the final review. Most video production companies have excellent scriptwriters on their team and they are worth every penny. You’ll be glad you did this – this is a very important first step!

2. Choosing the best video company for your budget range

Challenge: Choosing the lowest bid is not always the best choice. This is particularly true with any creative endeavor. Video marketing is no exception. If you spend very little money on a project then you probably get very little. For example, if you choose a $500 solution instead of the $2000 solution then the video company you are working with will allocate significantly less time and resources. Consequently, a much lower production cost will lead to a lower quality video production. A low production value may mean lost sales to your business in the long run.

Solution: Seek out the ideas and proposal that best fit your company’s budget and don’t be easily tempted by the absolute low offer. Your’s and your company’s reputation depend on a high quality video. Today’s sophisticated web video viewers expect it.

3. A quality video production can not be rushed

Challenge: Creating and producing a video marketing campaign is never fast and easy. For example, if you are looking to have a marketing video completed in 10 days (including concept development, script, storyboard, video shoots and scheduling, editing, re-edits) then that timeline will be too tight. Many video production companies may not have the resources to produce an excellent video within such a tight schedule. If the project is rushed then the quality will suffer. This is not what you want.

Solution: Allow plenty of time. Ideally, plan your video marketing campaign along with your entire marketing strategy at the beginning of the year. Give you and your team an adequate amount of time to formulate objectives and budgets.

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4. Be open to the expertise and advice of experienced video producers

Challenge: Partnering with a video production is a big step. Experienced video producers have worked on dozens if not hundreds of productions, I do recommend being open to their advice as they should be open to your ideas. If they point out something which they feel won’t look or sound right – take it into consideration. If you have a tendency to be imposing or prescriptive then this will tie down the videographer and video editor. It may inhibit them from producing their best work for your organization. You could end up with a video production you don’t like.

Solution: Collaboration is critical and this includes your video production provider. A balanced exchange of ideas and concepts will ensure that your video production experience is a positive one. The result will be a marketing video which you can be proud of.

5. Vision, Concept, and Audience

Challenge: Visions of sophisticated 3D animations, actors, and exotic locations for an earth shattering video production are presented often during the initial concept development stage. Anything can be done in today’s filmmaking environment, but some visions may be to ambitious to be affordable.

Solution: Stunning visuals and effects can be accomplished within affordable price ranges. If your story has a captivating script and the best quality visuals for your budget range then your marketing video will be a success. Know your key audience well and address problems your buyers may have.

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