How animation video production can help you train, motivate, and persuade your audience

Most companies have plenty of data and information to show why their products and services are better than their competitors. They also have the proof to show that they are indeed a successful business or organization. But how to you convey all this information to a prospective client in a short period of time in a way that’s easy and entertaining to consume?

eTown Videos helps you sieve through your company data and information. Together we decide on some key ideas. Ideas which clearly differentiate you from the pack. Then our team works the ideas through our production process which we have tested and tried since 2006 to create a smooth, fun, and informational animation video production.

Animation Video Production & Motion Graphics – Demo Reel

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The eTown Videos process is comprised of the following steps:

  1. Idea development: Initial conversation, idea development, proposal, and pricing.
  2. Meeting/Conference Call: We will meet with you or schedule a conference call to listen and create.
  3. Script & Storyboard Approval: An inspiring concept or idea begins with the written word. At his stage the script & storyboard will be approved.
  4. Video Production: The production begins with a professional recording of the voice over narration, followed by the animation video production. Client reviews are also part of the animation video production throughout the process.
  5. It’s show time: The video is complete and final client approval is required.
  6. Delivery: eTown Videos will assist with suggestions for the best online delivery methods.

Total time required: 4-10 weeks.

Do you have an idea for your next video project you’d like to discuss?