Why You Need More Than Bullet Points And A Slideshow – Utilizing Multimedia Presentations

How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint PowerPoint presentations are still perceived to be an effective communications tool but it is not what most spectators expect to see in 2014. In other words, a slow slide-by-slide presentation can lead to viewer fatigue and boredom. Many people have seen too many PowerPoint presentations and they come across as dated and lack originality.

Even a dynamic and motivational speaker will not always be able to lift a presentation to the level that needs to be to keep the attention of the audience. Particularly, if you are presenting a new product or service first impressions matter, they are critical. A PowerPoint presentation is not new and fresh. Bullet points, which fly across the screen or magically appear, do not emphasize anything very well. Maybe you inserted some pictures to put more life into your presentation, but it is not exactly cutting edge. Well, a PowerPoint presentation could bore you to death.

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Multimedia Presentations – For Sales and Training Presentations

Multimedia presentations are really a major step forward from traditional PowerPoint slides. I am not saying to rely on flash and special effects to help sell your product or service – consumers and businesses will need a lot more than that to part with their hard earned money.

Have you ever become completely emerged in a TV or movie? Of course you have. It’s the same with a sales or training presentation. A well-produced presentation relaxes and engages the viewer so they experience the entire message. Your presentation shows originality and a contemporary approach when they were expecting the same old PowerPoint presentation. A multimedia presentation will liven up a lecture or training session while providing valuable information to the viewer.

Your presentation is a reflection of your company, and multimedia presentations show that you are modern and technically savvy.

More and more businesses are turning to multimedia presentations to introduce new products, conduct employee-training sessions, or create instructional videos. Viewers prefer a higher-level presentation and have come to expect it.

I have included two multimedia video examples in this post. If you’d like to see additional samples of our multimedia and motion graphics portfolio, I invite you to click on “Our Work” and select “Motion Graphics” or “Animation”.

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