Cheer, Shout, And Keep On Learning

entrepreneurship and risk taking

The mistakes I made often resulted in the best lessons for growth.

“If you haven’t made a lot of mistakes by the time you are 40 then you probably haven’t done much”, those were the words of a business professor at American International College during my graduate studies.
I remember how I felt when I first heard that statement, slightly scared and I was leaning towards rejecting that statement.

Why would I want to make a lot of mistakes, I was thinking, I didn’t want to – that’s why I’m going to school so I would be prepared in the work place. If I made many mistakes I would probably get fired. The advice of the professor didn’t seem very solid.

It is now 25 years later. Most of my professional career has been spent being an entrepreneur. I readily admit I made plenty of mistakes, and according to my professor I must’ve done a lot.

As any entrepreneur knows, you can’t avoid making mistakes when taking risks. Taking risks is inherent in pretty much any profession. However, as painful as certain mistakes were, the lessons I learned have been of deep value. Future prediction is impossible, no matter how much historical data we sift through. We can build a case for certain trends based on past behavior, but what exactly will occur can not be determined in advance.

So How Do We Take Action To Grow Our Businesses?

Do what you love or find love in what you do, one day at a time. I do believe if you genuinely have a skill to share then there is someone out there who genuinely needs your help. That’s how I started eTown Videos almost 10 years ago. Maybe we won’t all become millionaires, then again who am I to talk 🙂 ?

Finding joy in the work you do is its own reward. Successes and lessons are like the clouds in the sky, they come and go. People enjoy doing business with people who have a passion for what they do in business and in life.

I hope you found this post enjoyable, I know it’s a little off the beaten path from the usual video production and video marketing blogs 😉

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