This is Easthampton, MA

Posted by eTown Videos on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It is truly an exciting time to both live and work in the Easthampton area.

The Massachusetts Cultural Council granted Easthampton’s application for designation as a Cultural District in 2013 – making Cottage Street the 16th in the Commonwealth. The designation was granted in recognition that the City created walkable streets featuring restaurants, lively nightlife, art galleries, and shops.

This is Easthampton (click image to play video)

Through the years, Easthampton has also developed into an arts community. Once vacant storefronts and mill buildings are now filled with unique stores, artist studios, and restaurants.

In June 2015, Easthampton, MA opened the Nashawannuck Pond Boardwalk to the public during the annual Cultural Chaos event. The boardwalk instantly became a popular destination and connects directly to the Easthampton Cultural District. The boardwalk was also featured in a community video created by eTown Videos. You can see it here

Sven Kielhorn founded eTown Videos in 2006 in Easthampton, MA. His primary mission was the production of promotional web videos. Today, eTown Videos works with a team 14 specialists producing 3D animations, training videos, marketing videos, and documentaries throughout the United States. The videos are seen on websites, TV broadcasts and YouTube.

Most importantly, the milestone is an opportunity to thank all eTown’s amazing clients from near and far. We genuinely enjoy working with you and creating your unique and memorable video productions.

Please enjoy our favorite Easthampton, MA video, which was filmed over the past two years to help promote our awesome little city. Please like, and perhaps you find it worth sharing.

The video “This is Easthampton, MA” was produced and funded by eTown Videos for the enjoyment of the public.

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