Are you eagerly awaiting the announcement about a new iPhone5 because you may have had very little else to do since early 2011? Maybe we can help you in deciding where to buy it, now that the day is so near 🙂

It was purely coincidental that we’d be doing a video shoot for the Wireless Zone so close to a fairly big announcement in the gadget and geek world. I figured a brief post showcasing our latest video for the Easthampton Chamber while sharing our experience meeting with the folks at the Wireless Zone of Easthampton would be an acceptable use of a very brief blog post.

Seriously, we met with Scott and Caleb, they are genuinely nice guys, they know their phone stuff inside and out, and they are an excellent resource if you are looking for a new iPhone5, Android, or any flavor of smartphone or wireless service your heart desires. Watch the video and decide for yourself if you’d like to pay them a visit.

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