Creating better video content through focus on human-interest stories

Creating better video content through focus on human-interest storiesToday, I’d like to highlight an area which is certainly nothing new but can sometimes be overlooked. I have observed that some of the most effective video productions focus on the people who create, produce, and use your products or services. In other words, videos which tell a compelling, heartwarming,  inspiring, or humorous story about the products or services being offered. The focus is on how the service has helped someone or made the lives of a group of people a little easier.

For example, we have done work with several non-profit organizations over the years and the most powerful way to convey the value of the featured organization are testimonials and interviews. It’s important to spend plenty of time with the employees of the organization and the individuals who have benefited from participating in a given organization’s service offerings. Get to know the staff and clients before even creating a script or storyboard and develop a real sense of who the people are that are behind the organization, find out what drives them to come to work every day. We have found over and over again, that most employees are contributing to their companies and organizations in ways that go above and beyond their job descriptions. The dedication and passion carries over to their interactions with clients, vendors, and colleagues which in turn results in a positive client experience.

Once you have developed an understanding for that sense of passionate commitment which your clients have expressed, then it is critical to translate that message  into your script and storyboard development. The emphasis on the stories of the people behind the products will lead to a higher level of video viewer engagement. People buy from people, and videos that emphasize relationships instead of costs and discounts will result in superior video content.

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