Should I Hire a Videographer or a Video Production Company?

What you need to know before you hire videography and video production companies

What you need to know before you hire a videographer or video production company

What you need to know before you hire. Your company’s and your reputation depend on it.

You have decided to hire the services of a video specialist for your next video project. You have a budget to consider. You have your reputation and your company’s reputation to be mindful of. Who should you hire? A quick Google search gives you plenty of choices from freelance videographers, video production companies, video marketing companies, and video editors. Their pricing seems to be all over the map – so how do you decide? Know the difference between videography and video production.

What is Videography?

Videography refers to the filming of live events such as dance recitals, concerts, weddings, parties, corporate events or other live events. Scripts or storyboards are usually not required; some video editing may be needed after the filming. This is pretty straightforward.

What is a Video Production?

Video productions are created from scratch. Professional video production services can include concept development, script and storyboard development, filming live action, professional voice-over narration, video editing, animation, motion graphics, and music track selection. The skill and experience to merge these elements flawlessly is built over time. Some types of videos that require a full service video production house are marketing videos, training videos, and multimedia presentations.

If you have decided you need a marketing or training video then you should choose a video production company. Professional video production companies have the website, a comprehensive portfolio, and they have the required experience. Their portfolio, website, social media presence, and customer testimonials give you confidence in their abilities.

A full service video production company brings a lot the table; they have state-of-the-art equipment to create animation and motion graphics. In addition to the services above, they present you with a detailed production process and may offer cloud based project management tools to collaborate creatively with you, the client. If you require animation and motion graphics for a modern audience who expects a top-notch video presentation, you want to hire a video production company. Be sure to examine their portfolio carefully. Motion graphics and animation require a highly developed skill set and experienced animators.

Freelance Videographers

As video production equipment has become more affordable, many talented individuals decided to enter the videography business as a part time job. Be careful, if you hire a freelance videographer for a marketing video production they may not be able to provide the team of experts needed to create a complete concept-to-delivery production you need. They will be cheaper, sometimes a lot cheaper, but you are paying less because you are getting less.

There is a time and a place for videography services such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, focus groups, and some live events. Freelance videographers can be quite affordable and will do a fine job.

In summary, both videography and video productions are necessary and have their purpose. Make sure you understand clearly which service you need. Not only is the pricing structure for videography vs. video production vastly different, but also the skill set and scope are two very different things.

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