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Brief overview of cost considerations for a videographer in Western Massachusetts

Quite frequently I receive a quote request which sounds something like this: “How much does a 2-3 minute web video cost?” Unfortunately, the question is too broad and almost impossible to answer. If I were to answer that questions – it’ll be $500-$20,000, clearly, that would be a ridiculous response and entirely useless to you. The reason a general question such as the one above in difficult to answer is because a 2-3 minute video production comes in many shapes and forms. But if you have a rough idea of what type of video you need then we can be of tremendous help during your budgeting processes.

videographer pricing and cost western massachusetts

Here’s a general overview of different types of video productions that a small to mid-sized business may purchase:

Business Motion Graphics Video:
This is an immediate impact video production, using creative motion graphics, sophisticated slideshows, animations, or visual effects. Ideal for “visual” businesses and organizations. Voice over narration maybe added.

Small Business Video Profile:
The Small Business Video Profile is designed to tell your story in stunning HD video and it typically includes an interview with a staff member or owner of your business or organization. Also included is filming of your premise, staff, office, etc.

Corporate Talking Head Video:
Web visitors may not read your “About Us” page but they will watch your video. This type of video has a run time of about 60 seconds and is a single person interview. The interviewee provides a brief introduction and company overview.

Corporate Video Short:
The corporate video short is designed to provide web visitors with an impressive look at your company’s capabilities and service/product offering with a full HD web video.

Corporate Marketing Video:
A corporate marketing video showcases your offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and the video production also includes our comprehensive corporate video marketing services.

Corporate Training Videos:
Does your workforce need a higher level of proficiency? Do you want to raise the motivation and awareness levels? Consider video training services.

All the above videos are shot in full  1080  HD and delivered as a broadcast or web ready file format. The videos are shot at your business location. Additionally, all video productions include video post production services to create a professional and impressive look and feel of your business or organization.  Animated titles and logo are created to highlight names and your business brand. Professional voice over narration maybe added. Typically, our video production footprint includes Western Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

If you’d like to see video productions similar to the types of videos mentioned above, please feel free to view our most recent productions at

What about a video production price list?

I completely understand the importance of estimated costs which may be needed for budgetary purposes. Therefore, after reviewing the above video production options feel free to contact us for a price list at

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