Concept example of a new corporate media mix of motion graphics and video

How to stand out with a memorable multimedia video at your next presentation

How to stand out with a memorable multimedia video at your next presentation


The video presentation could start with your corporate branding message using your company logo, values statement, and positioning statement. This opening sequence includes contemporary motion graphics and a fitting soundtrack, which also represents the initial marketing hook. This is followed by the content of the video, whether it is product introduction, business improvement strategies, or employee training videos. Whatever your objective, we will present it here. Another option would be to create short interview clips of staff members or customer testimonials that emphasize your commitment to customer service and innovation. Lastly, a recap, or concise closing that could include your logo or other motion graphics to make a lasting and memorable statement.

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While we want to get away from the typical PowerPoint template effect, we may still use slides for parts of your corporate presentation, but we can make the impact more persuasive

We have recently worked with several companies that made it part of their corporate video presentation to highlight their corporate and social responsibilities. For example, many businesses are taking steps towards a “green” approach in terms how they run their business by incorporating environmentally friendly production processes. A series of short video clips or motion graphic animations highlighting these improvements can be very impactful. Focusing on corporate and social responsibilities can also be a key differentiator in the competitive marketplace.

Combining multimedia and professional video will make an audience appreciate your digital presentation. In fact, clients report back to us that their multimedia presentation has a positive effect in being able to attract clients and close sales. We are finding that this type of presentation benefits virtually every industry.

These videos are also used to introduce businesses to prospective employees, highlight the benefits of working for such a business, tend to attract a more technologically savvy candidate for employment, and help keep those employees well informed along the way.

Producing a New Corporate Presentation Approach:

This new corporate media mix of motion graphics and video can be a fairly big production project. As with any video production, professional scriptwriting, storyboarding, on-site video shoots, great video editing and contemporary motion graphics creations are important components. Detailed planning of the entire production process is critical and at eTown Videos we communicate with clients at every step of the process to make sure the presentation is in line with the client’s specific, unique vision.

It is conceivable that a more modern approach to your corporate video presentation may require additional planning and/or funds, but the payoff is big.

In summary, if you feel your corporate presentations have become stale and predictable it is my hope that I was able to highlight some new, fresh, and innovative approaches for your next corporate media presentation. If you like to view examples of our work feel free to browse portfolio, click on “animation – motion” examples.

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