7 tips for the person being interviewed – turn fear into an enjoyable process

how to prepare for a video interviewMost clients we work with have never been in front of a video camera for an interview. It is quite natural to be a little nervous. Much of the fear will go away with a little pre-interview preparation. Following are 7 tips that will help in your preparation.

  1. Arrive to the set at least 30 minutes prior to the shoot, it will help in getting you comfortable with your surroundings and the film crew.
  2. Wear solid colors or creamy off whites as these usually work best on camera. You might want to bring a change of clothes just in case. Do not wear any thin striped patterns – they tend to create a sort of vibration effect on film.If the interview is filmed in front of a green screen then do not wear anything with green colors. Not wearing green in front of a green screen  may seem slightly obvious, unless the producer wants to create a “floating head” effect 🙂
  3. Prepare for what you would like to say in advance. Here at eTown Videos, we provide you with the interview questions a few days prior to the shoot. Don’t worry about getting every answer correct the first time, the interviewer can simply ask the question again until everyone is pleased with the response. The camera crew is there to make you look – and sound – good.  Keep that in mind.
  4. Keep your answers short, and repeat part of the question in your answer.  The interviewer’s voice in many of our productions is not part of the final video.  For example, if the question is “What is your favorite color?” instead of answering “Blue.” you would say “My favorite color is blue.”  This makes your answers conversational and friendly.
  5. The lights can be hot so its always good to bring some water or ask the film crew to get you some water.
  6. Try to enjoy the process. It can really be quite enjoyable and fun.
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