Make them laugh – video production outtakes

There’s no doubt that the most enjoyable part as a videographer and filmmaker is working with our clients. We plan and prepare well in advance. Scripts, storyboards, location scouting, meetings, etc. When the day of the video shoot arrives there’s a certain excitement in the air. The days of the shoot begin early, packing up the equipment, check lists, double checking directions to customer locations in Massachusetts, Vermont, or Connecticut. Taking our springer spaniel to doggie day camp (she gets to have fun too that day).

However, when we arrive, often there is a slight indication of nervousness present –  which is quite natural. Therefore, the best medicine to overcome a small case of stage fright is the use of humor. Humor and laughter goes a long way in creating a connection with your customers, partners, and employees.

Here’s a big thank you to our customers who allow us an opportunity to share many laughs with them during their video shoots. We are grateful.

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