As a video producer and video production instructor, it is sad to see that the Pioneer Valley movie house destination will close on June 8th.
According to an article posted on MassLive, the Amherst Cinema Arts Center, who had been managing the Pleasant Street Theater since 2007, it was no longer feasible to continue operating the movie theater. Apparently, the theater was in need of technology upgrades for which funds might not have been available.

For many movie goers, including myself, it was a wonderful option to see movies by independent filmmakers which otherwise would not have been seen in the Valley. As stated in the Daily Hampshire Gazette, the closing was not a statement about the enthusiasm for independent filmmaking in the area, because there certainly is no lack of appreciation for art-house style filmmaking. People in our region definitely enjoyed alternatives to other movie-going options in the Pioneer Valley.

I certainly hope that a movie theater will return to the downtown Northampton atmosphere as we say farewell to the beloved Pleasant Street Theater.

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