Western Mass Businesses Are Asking Which Format They Should Choose For Their Online Marketing Videos

You need a uniform desktop experience and at the same time your business requires that your videos can be seen on iPads or iPhone5. You don’t have to choose one over the other – you can do both simultaneously.

You may be aware of the controversy surrounding HTML5 and Flash video. If you are faced with some confusion or frustration that’s understandable. Should you build your website with flash video or HTML 5? For example, there are approximately 400 million  iOS devices (iPads,  iPhones, etc) and the build-in mobile Safari browser will not play flash videos because Apple has decided that HTML5 is a better fit for their operating system. This means if you have Flash video on your website, your video can not be viewed on iOS devises. Mobile web surfers will not be able to experience or see any flash animation and videos on your website. That is a problem, even Android has now decided to use the HTML 5 as the default format, although flash will still be viewable on Android devices.

Bottom line, the world is going mobile and Internet video is a critical component. A quick check with Google Analytics reveals that 30 to 50% of our eTown Videos web traffic is coming from iOS devices. Our own website is almost 100% HTML5 compatible with an automatic fall back to flash if a particular customer or client should have a desktop web browser installed that currently does not support HTML5 videos. In essence,  choose a player that will support both HTML5 and Flash at the same time where HTML5 is a the default video player. Not all custom video players are easily installed but if you’re working with an experienced web developer he/she should be able to accommodate your request to have flash video and HTML5 video coexist in  harmony.

If you require specific advice for your specific video player needs please don’t hesitate to contact us and I would be happy to provide you with some details with respect to which video player or platform to choose.

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