Massachusetts Videographer serving local areas in Northampton, Springfield, Easthampton outlines video post production

Well, after the video shoot we all go home 🙂 All kidding aside, after the video shoot, the video production moves into the post production phase and for those of you unfamiliar with video terminology, it simply means editing the raw video footage.

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It is not unusual to have 1-2 hours of video footage for a two-minute video. Most businesses that we work with here in the Easthampton, Northampton, Springfield and Amherst Massachusetts areas, are sometimes surprised that we film as much video as we do considering that the final video project will only have two minutes of run time.
However, as a general rule, a professional videographer or editor can expect to have one hour of raw footage for each minute of completed video.

The junior editor or rough-cut editor would scrub the raw footage to begin cutting some of the video footage that is clearly unusable. This step would eliminate 30 to 50% of the raw footage right from the start. Following this step we would begin some of the final edits to match the available footage with the storyboard. In many cases the senior editor would take over at this point, and begin editing the available footage down to the expected runtime. Most marketing videos would have a total run time of 60-120 seconds.
Once the edits of been completed,  transitions are added to each scene, followed by color correction and in some cases motion graphics. Motion graphic elements such as titles are used for the names of the persons in the video. We may also choose to add an animated logo image or basic graphic animation to help explain a concept which is not easily conveyed with words.

Finally music is added to help set the appropriate mood for the video. When the video has been completed then it is encoded, meaning compressed so that it may be viewed on the Internet without losing the high-quality HD footage in which it was filmed.

The above is a basic description of what happens after the video shoot. A videographer or video production company  in Massachusetts may have different experience and knowledge levels. Therefore, it is always a good idea when choosing the video production company to view their video demo reel to make sure that your expectations are in line with their capabilities.